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Thank You For Your Consideration

New Age, Ambient, or Chant Album

About the Album

Aquarius Rising represents the age old story of personal triumph over adversity: both the inner conflicts and outer conflicts one must overcome to succeed. This album reflects my own journey with that, but it's a theme we all can relate to.

On a more global level,  it also represents the theme of the dawning of The Age of Aquarius, that Golden Age, we've all heard of...of good rising over darkness.

While recording, I strived to capture the beauty of that moment when the goodness breaks through the negativity and starts to re-establish itself in our inner and outer of beauty and celebration. 

Through this, I was able to reconnect with the beginnings of my musical journey. Song for You is the first song I ever wrote. I was 12 years old at the time I composed it. So, for me, my journey in songwriting started there. 

Aquarius Rising is my first album release in 14 years. While I have produced and released other albums and singles with other artists during that time, this is the first release under my own name in a long time. 

I've always wanted to record an album that is EPIC in sound, and Aquarius Rising was the perfect opportunity for me to do so. 


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Aquarius Rising - Phillip Kanakis

Produced by: Phillip Kanakis

Mixed and Mastered by: Justine Blazer at Ten7Teen Studios, Nashville.

Additional Recording and Mixing done at Millbrook Studios for "A Little Prayer" and "Violin Suite"

Additional Mastering Engineer: Stephen Marsh on ("A Little Prayer") at Marsh Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Tracking Engineers: Phillip Kanakis; Holly Fischer

Vocal Tracking Engineers: Phillip Kanakis; Nita Perez

Live Strings Recorded at Millbrook Studios

Lead Vocals: Nita Perez & Frank Fasano on Time to Say Goodbye

Featured Guitarists: Lou Molitch on Hymn to the World  &

Frank Carillo on A Little Prayer

Featured Violinist: Jon Kass on Violin Suite

Additional Vocals: Nita Perez; Frank Fasano; Meridith Cullen;

Janelle Daley Mihan & Melissa Barrett

Drums: Dave Reuter

Additional Programming: Justine Blazer

Conducted by: Rob Allen

Graphic Design: Holly Fischer

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