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Phillip has produced and recorded close to 30 albums and releases on his and his partner's record label, Nandana Records. He's also enjoyed placements of his music in film and television.

Phillip is able to correctly write for most instruments, including all orchestral instruments, as well as produce captivating vocal arrangements for various vocal types. 

He excels in his unique arrangements, string lines, vocal arrangements and harmony parts, all combining into enthralling outcomes.


Phillip's flair for producing allows him to create stunning outcomes due to compelling arrangements and even due to intuiting subtle nuances that lead to bodies of works that move and captivate listeners.

Always having a special knack for teaching piano, vocal styling, and song writing to exceptional levels and unusually fast paces compared to what is typical, Phillip has kept these unique abilities sharp by maintaining a handful of students he teaches. He began teaching others at the age of 16 and has continued through to date.



Phil at Carnegie Hall Resize.jpg

When Phillip was still in high school, he embarked on an experiment with music. Over an extensive span of trials with various tones, note combinations, and chord progressions, he verified what science has been recently verifying: sound has effect on our bodies:

Both for the positive or the negative depending upon what any body of music is comprised of.

Lyrics with uplifting, positive messages can add exponentially to what people end up experiencing in their lives.

Phillip understood early on in his young life that he possessed the understanding and knowledge to create works that would benefit listeners and has made it his life mission to do just this.

Phillip on stage before a performance at Carnegie Hall. 

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